How to add your purchased graphics to your YouTube channel

Have you just received your brand-new channel art bundle (channel banner, logo and templates?) and you can hardly wait to set them as your channel art ?
Well, it's really easy. Follow the next steps and turn your channel to an awesome one!

1. Log in to your channel as always.

2. Navigate to your channel’s home page from the menu on the left.


3. Click on "Add channel art" to begin.


4. If you already have a banner and you want to replace it, click on the edit icon (1) and select the "Edit channel art" (2).


5. Upload the graphic for your channel banner either by dragging it or selecting it from your computer.


6. A preview of how the art will be displayed across different devices will be shown. Our graphics are adjusted to recommended channel art size so you won't need to make any changes.

7. Press "Select" and you are set. Your new banner will appear on the top of your screen.


8. Next, update your logo: Hover over your existing logo (if any) and click on the edit icon.


10. Choose to upload the new logo from your computer and press select.


 Done! Your logo has been changed!